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Sparmax TC-620X

Sparmax TC-620X

Max. druk: 4,1 bar / 60 PSI

Lucht debiet: 23 - 32 L/min.

Inhoud luchttank: 2,5 L

Gewicht: 10,4 kg

Afmetingen: L33 x W18 x H34,5 cm

Wordt geleverd met 2x 3m luchtslang en 2x airbrush houders

With two air outlets and an accompanying air tank the TC-620X enables users to manage their workspace with greater flexibility and efficiency.  With the extra air outlet, you can now connect airbrushes beforehand and switch between use of airbrushes. 

Zero-maintenance, oil-less piston dual cylinder air compressor. 

Auto On/Off of 40 psi/60 psi

Suitable for professional airbrush users doing general or extended airbrush applications. 

Sparmax TC-620X
Sparmax TC-620X
Sparmax TC-620X hoses